1. Who said 'Cogito ergo sum'?
A. Sokrates
B. Descartes
C. John F. Kennedy

2. Who believes that there is nothing beyond measurable?
A. Atheist
B. Pragmatist
C. Positivist

3. Who said 'Wearing a crown is a job for life'?
A. Elizabeth I.
B. Richard III.
C. Elizabeth II.

4. What was the universalia quarrel about?
A. Universalia ante rem versus universalia post rem
B. Suum cuique
C. Mens sana in corpore sano

5. Who wrote 'The Philosophy of Andy Warhol'?
A. Andy Warhol
B. Arthur Miller
C. John Steinbeck

6. Who wrote 'Beyond Good and Evil'?
A. Arthur Schopenhauer
B. Friedrich Nietzsche
C. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

7. What does Nietzsche assert to cause global changes?
A. WorldWar II
B. Future trends in haute couture
C. The revaluing of all values

8. Why did Nietzsche call Immanuel Kant a notional cripple?
A. For the complexity of his writings
B. For the righteousness of his life
C. Because he assumed that his books made much ado about nothing

9. Who wrote 'A Spaniard in the Works?
A. Gilbert Shelton
B. Charles S. Peirce
C. John Lennon

10. Why is the Septuaginta entitled as it is?
A. Because 70 Translators had worked on it
B. Because 40 Translators had worked on it
C. Because 60 Translators had worked on it

11. Early translator of platonic writings into Latin?
A. Thomas Aquinus
B. Aurelius Augustinus
C. Hieronymus

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