Ever since time we humans were appetitive to find differences between each others. Briefly: "The gentleman sets a difference between himself and others!" In times without telephones - and according to Kent Brockman - without violence in comic books, the higher or lower descendance was the hit, enabling us to devastate market places - like the mad Bomberg, without paying the goods, or not.

Predigital times, at least as far as I'm counted, estimated red or white shoelace in army boots, or previous to that, hairstyle differences between bikers and mods, or the like, giving you the right to bike or to mod with the appropriate mates. Somewhere over the rainbow is the one-man-programmer of Omnipage for Macintosh. If you ever tried it, you'd know what Im talking about.

Focussing this from a folkloristic point of view, this really enjoyable Differentialisticism, we greet a new kind of "animal" in our rows, generally speaking the computer-crack, specifically the linux-guru. Though Sokrates was in trouble to spread his wisdom, lacking a consensus about its principal usefullness, we find the opposite in the computer crack's tendency to hold silence, as long as ther is no "lamer" to ridicule valiantly - while taking strikt care of the hermetics of computer - "mysticism".

Keeping this "little difference" between "superhuman" and complete idiot can surprisingly even be a topic amongst peacenicks or vegetarians (sorry for being so nasty, but it's just peculiar, isn't it??). In all those blossoming stereotypes the one thing we always missed was, having a question upon Linux, that instead of getting an answer, we would have to notice our own feebleness first covered by a remark la "prisoner, you're an alleged Windows - User! ;-)".

I like Dexter's Laboratory and I think, everyone should try to "save the world" within his facilities(just like Dexter)!

Perhaps we are dealing with something, that Shaw would call a "paroxysm of senseless perversity...".

I included a link of the Chaos Computer Club, that in my opinion does a lot more to keep an open discourse, than it does to make utter fools out of us mutually(unlike many Linux - Groups).

English Welcome Page of CCC

Who's that?: A hairy creature throwing a Pentium4 Computer covered with gold, in a round box, to make it roll, into the hall of festivities, labeled: "for the Smartest!"